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We started as a family business in Jambi, Indonesia since 2003 with just one bird nest house farm, but subsequently has expanded our business to Jakarta & Singapore.

We are online retailer specializing in direct selling of 100% authentic, clean and processed bird nest for end user consumer, and as we own our own bird nest farmhouse our prices are very competitive because we have no heavy marketing and middleman cost hence the savings can be passed to you.

We aim to promote and educate more people the correct way to enjoy bird nest benefit, in contrary to the popular believe that cooking bird nest is very difficult and troublesome.

All our white bird nest product sold here are 100% pure WITHOUT any chemical and is already cleaned without any dirt/feather so you just need to do a simple preparation and cook it for consumption.

Our bird nests are cleaned and hand-picked for feathers and foreign artifacts so that you enjoy the highest quality bird nest produce. The origin of our bird nest is from Jambi, a province in Indonesia, and unlike cave bird nest, all our bird nest is farmed inside a house with a controlled environment which provide the bird with the best condition and care to produce high quality bird nest without any contamination.


It is our belief that the bird nest is a gift from heaven and as we are a firm buddhist believer, it is our principle that we will not collect any bird nest which still have egg or baby bird inside, in addition some of our profit are donated to local charity as a way to give back to local community around the bird nest farm.