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Q: Are you a registered business and will there be receipt provided?
A: Yes, we are registered business in Singapore (BUSINESS REG. NO.: T10LL2040A), and you will receive a receipt for all your bird nest purchase.

Q: Are you registered with AVA Singapore to import clean and processed bird nest?
A: Yes, we have registered import permit license from AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) to import bird nest. Our AVA Registration Number is IP15A0379.

Q: Do you test your bird nest in any laboratory?
A: Yes, we send sample of our clean and processed bird nest to TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore Laboratory & AVA Singapore Laboratory for testing purpose to ensure the purity and authenticity content of our bird nest.

Q: What is your payment method?
A: Payment method is Cash On Delivery (COD) or POSB/DBS internet banking transfer for transaction in Singapore. In addition, we also accept the following mobile payment upon delivery of product:
1. Dash by Standard Chartered (www.dash.com.sg)
2. DBS Paylah! (www.dbs.com.sg/personal/payments/dbs-paylah)

Q: What is the method of collection and do you do delivery to home/office?
A: Delivery is free within Singapore on order above 500 gram otherwise it is chargeable at 10 SGD within Singapore (confirmation required), delivery timing based on available slot and most of the delivery would be on the weekend. However self collection at Tiong Bahru Plaza or Toa Payoh MRT is free of charge upon agreed timing between both parties.

Q: Is the product exchangeable or refundable?
A: Yes if the item is still unopened and untouched within 7 days period from purchase date, the item can be exchanged only as long it is a valid reason. We would like you to be satisfied with our quality bird nest product and for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know.
Q: What is the correct method of storing bird nest?
A: Bird's nest contains the precious salivary secretion of swallow. As with other foodstuff, it should be stored properly and is best to store bird's nests in a dry and cool area with good air ventilation. The ideal method is to store the bird's nest in an airtight storage container followed by refrigeration. The bird's nest can be dried in front of the air-conditioner if it is wet. However, beware not to dry by baking or by direct sunlight. Check product regularly for dampness or presence of molds.
Q: How long will the bird nest last after each purchase in proper storage?
A: Uncooked, clean bird’s nest can be divided into individual or smaller packages suitable for your needs, with six months’ storage time in the fridge.
Q: What is the best time to consume bird nest?
A: The best time is to consume the bird nest with empty stomach to optimize the absorption of nutrients, which is typically just before you go sleep  and after you wake up in the morning.
Q: What is the recommended of bird nest portion for general consumption?
A: Generally one piece of bird nest can serve for two to three bowl of pure bird's nest with the rock sugar recipes. However this varies from people to people.

Q: What is bird nest grade?
A: Bird’s nest in the market has many grades depending on the size, shape and thickness but the grade is not universal as it is based on each company design.
Normally, the highest grade bird's nest has the perfect cup shape.
The price will also be more expensive as only a few bird nest collected have perfect cup original shape. However, the nutrition of the bird’s nest will not differ because of the shape or size.
A common myths is High grade (AAA) means more nutritious value. If you are looking for own consumption and its nutritious value, you can ignore the Grade part.