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The following video shows one of our actual bird nest farm in Indonesia:
(If you are unable to view the video, please click here).

The following are some pictures of swiflet lifecycle starting from egg to adult bird.

Bird Nest formed with Adult Bird preparing to lay egg:
Bird Nest formed at the corner

Bird nest which still contain eggs, not ready for collection:
Bird Nest with Eggs

Bird Nest with Baby Bird, not ready for collection:
Baby Bird Nest

Bird Nest formed at the corner with young swiflet:
Bird Nest with Adult Bird inside

An empty bird nest ready for collection after the bird left the nest:
Empty Bird Nest

Raw bird nest after collection and before cleaning:
images/stories/raw bird nest 01.jpg

images/stories/raw bird nest 02.jpg

Photo of one of Our Bird Nest Farm House in Jambi:
images/stories/one of our bird nest house.jpg

The following photo describe the tedious process of cleaning Bird Nest by hand:
images/stories/bird nest cleaning process 01.jpg

Only water is used and no other chemical / bleach is used:
images/stories/bird nest cleaning process 02.jpg

Finally the drying process is done naturally instead of using heat to preserve the nutrient:
images/stories/bird nest cleaning process 03.jpg